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Every midwife knows that not until a mother’s womb softens from the pain of labor, will a way unfold and the infant find that opening to be born. Oh friend! There is a treasure in your heart, it is heavy with child. Listen. All the awakened ones, like trusted midwives, are saying, ‘welcome this pain’, it opens the dark passage of Grace.

~Jelaluddin Rumi

As midwives, we have been attending women choosing homebirth since 1978. Having your baby at home can be a safe and healthy choice. We follow the Midwifery Model of Care which supports childbirth as a normal life process and we see birth as a sacred event in a woman’s life.

We offer compassionate personalized health care for every cycle of a woman’s life..from the teen years through menopause with a focus on supporting, educating and guiding women through the challenges and joys of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We work with our clients in the context of their personal, cultural and spiritual values, and our care giving is tailored to the individual needs of each woman and her family

Mom baby and daddad and babybaby


For over 36 years we have had the privilege of working with women during one of the most transformational times in their life- the birth of their children. We see pregnancy and birth as a sacred event, and a time when women can gain strength and confidence. We believe having a baby is a healthy normal event, and the process itself can contribute greatly to the personal growth of each woman as well as her family and the entire community. It is our commitment to support and guide each woman along this path.

Over the years, we have learned so much more than midwifery skills. This journey has guided us to a better understanding of ourselves, with all our strengths and weaknesses. Being midwives has helped us to soften and open our hearts, learning more about true compassion, love and understanding. It has also been a mirror for our own judgments and biases. We can reflect back on the years and know that we have been truly blessed to be midwives–to be a part of so many lives–to help guide these new beings into this world– to be present to the joys and sorrows that come to all of us in this life.