Erin MusleraI just wanted to take a few moments to thank each of you for your tremendous impact on our lives. I have known for years that I wanted to have a home birth, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be so blessed with care from THREE fabulous, selfless and wonderful midwives like you. Our experience with the birth of Mateo exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I could not have imagined how much love I could experience, not only for my son, but for each of you who so delicately cared for us as he came into the world. We feel so truly blessed. I have so much respect for your work and just wanted to make sure you know how thankful we are. I can only imagine the amount of lives you have touched and it truly makes me weepy just thinking of all that good you’re doing in Santa Barbara!! Each of you has a huge piece of my heart and I love you all. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and hopefully working with you on the next additions.

~ Big LOVE & HUGS, Erin Muslera ~

Thank you doesn’t seem enough but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. Thank you for your loving guidance. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your reassurance. Thank you for making my whole family a part of the whole process. It wasn’t just about me and the baby but it was also about Ruben, Maia and Remington. To this day, Remi talks about ‘helping’ his baby sister ‘be born.’ There isn’t a thing I’d ‘redo’ about Jazmin’s birth. It was calm, quiet and peaceful. It was just how I had imagined it and so much more. My little water baby loves her baths so much she sometimes falls asleep in her tub as I’m bathing her. The sound of water calms her. She melts into the water when I rinse her hair.

~ Jennifer Mislang ~

My dear midwives,

As the year draws to a close and I’m looking back on all the photos and remembering the special moments that this year has brought, I think of all of you and the wonder of bringing Tobyn into this world. I am so fortunate to have had your care, compassion, and strength to help me navigate my pregnancy and birth.

Having had a hospital birth with my first son, Kelby, I can truly appreciate what you offer. The overall experience is unmatched for the individualized care tailored to my specific needs. I am forever grateful to you midwives for the hour-long appointments that supported my whole self. They provided time to discuss nutrition, exercise, how to integrate this second child, and most importantly to find balance and peacefulness for my true self with my roles as wife and mother. My concerns were always heard and I always felt validated and free to express my feelings. All of you midwives are so nurturing and at the same time informative. I feel like I know myself better as a result of your care.

My husband described the birth center experience as “like going to a good friend’s house to have a baby.” That sums it up perfectly. The birth center’s amazing atmosphere with candle light, time alone with my spouse, and lack of beeping machines was fabulous. Laurel, your presence was always calming and reassuring. You and Alice made our first hours together with our son so joyful and really shared our enthusiasm. We are so fortunate to have brought Tobyn into this world in such a loving way.

I had such a positive experience and I would highly recommend you to everyone!

~ Ashley Richter ~